schriftzug Interkultureller Garten Magdeburg e.V.

A garden for all!

Something has happened in our part of the town! On 2.600 qm of fallow land a little gardening oasis was created in the Neue Neustadt. The Cross cultural garden of Magdeburg is a place for tolerance and cooperation, in which people from the most various countries and cultures can meet each other and do gardening together. Through this activity we support the development of an open and tolerant society. Welcome to our garden!

The basic idea of a cross-cultural garden (IkuGa) was developed in 2009 by the former student and later head of the project Caterina Mendel as a part of a student research project. In 2010 it became a complete concept, supported by the cultural association KanTe e.V. After a hard time of planning, writing applications, reduce scepticism, forming utopian ideas - in 2012 we started with real garden work. Events like workshops and concerts should the people grow into a community. Since Dörte und Caterina as project managers invited migrant groups and intercultural associations the garden becomes really "cross-cultural".

Since 2014 the project - the garden community built a pergola, a greenhouse and public benches. In 2018 an association was established to administer the project and in 2022 we could celebrate our tenths anniversary.

size of garden: 2600 m2

foundation: 2011

fruit trees: 26

association members: 23

languages: 5

vegetables: 26